Sunday, January 22, 2012

Nehara Peiris and Menaka Rajapakse in US

Popular artistes Nehara Peiris and Menaka Rajapakse are in Boston, reports say.

They are there for shooting of ‘Aadaraneeya Niagara,’ which is the first ever Sri Lankan teledrama in the United States.

The 36-episode ‘Adaraneeya Niagara’ revolves around two Sri Lankan immigrant families living separately in a vast society and are unexpectedly brought together by the hidden past incidents of their lives.
However, sources say that this tour has fueled speculations that there is a budding romance between Nehara and Menaka after Nehara’s split from her husband - Nirmal Perera.

Nirmal, being a professional IT guy, had handled Nehara’s campaign for the most popular actress award.

After her marriage all her finances had been handled by Nirmal, who would even decide on the Nehara's fees for her performances, sources say.

Chrihashni Nehara Canishia Pieris, better known as Nehara Pieris, became popular for her performances in teledramas ‘Ruwan Maliga’, and ‘Amanda’.

Many know her as 'Muthu Kirilli' following her impressive performance in the 'Tele Drama' Muthu Kirilli.

She was named most Popular Actress thrice at Sumathi and Raigam Tele awards.

Making her debut through advertisements on Lanka Bell and Dialog, Nehara rose to fame after presenting programs ‘Saagare Se Aadare’ aired on Sri FM and ‘Magic Box’ telecast on Sirasa and ‘Tea Party’ telecast on ‘Derana TV’

Nehara, who is lovingly known as 'cookie' among her loved ones, also displayed her dancing skills in ‘Sirasa Dancing Stars’ (Season 1) and was placed fifth in the competition.

In 2008, Nehara released her much anticipated hit music single, Malpethi while ‘Aadara Heena’, a duet with local film star Roshan Ranawana.

She made her debut on the silver screen through Roy de Silva’s ‘It’s a matter of Love’.


  1. Nehara is a liar. Take few of her random interviews and see how contradictory is all that she said.

    She is a shameless woman who can do anything for money and fame. Very cheap !

  2. definetly..dats true

  3. very cheap indeed and uses men to get through her tough times... and owes money to a lot of ppl.. she's just get away after using ppl by just hissing off and is knowen for under paying or slipping away not paying at all... bitch sucks big time!

  4. Nehara aththatama godak lassanai mama godak kamathi eyage figure ekata. puluwannam mata eyage phn no 1 denna,.... mama sujani

  5. she's ahorrible pros .famous women in colombo are like that no coment

  6. paw menakage CHUTE DUWA .............

  7. Nehara loku pawakarakamak kragaththe asarana podi daruwekuta thaththa kenek nathi kara.thamanta eka una nam...,


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