Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Buddhika Pathirana’s statement is a lie - Chandrika

Former president Chandrika Kumaratunga says she is not so imprudent to discuss toppling governments with an opposition MP, whom she barely knows.

In a statement, Mrs. Kumaratunga says she regretted that MP Buddhika Pathirana had made false remarks with regard to her.

The ex-president is referring to media reports that claimed that she had told the UNP MP that she could teach him how governments are toppled if there is a good leader to succeed.
Noting that she is no more involved in making or breaking governments, Mrs. Kumaratunga says that recently, on board an Emirates flight to Colombo, MP Pathirana had come up to her and introduced himself and had a chat.

It is may be the first or the second time that I have met him, says the former president, adding that what she had told was that the country needed a strong opposition, not a divided one, to safeguard democracy, she adds.

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