Thursday, January 12, 2012

Police attacked protesting undergrads in Galle and Mathara

Police fired teargas at undergraduates in Galle after they disregarded an order during a protest march today (Jan. 11).

Engineering and medical students of Ruhunu University were staging the agitation against the privatization of education and the mess up in the GCE Advanced Level examination results.

They accused police of also baton-charging and manhandling the protesting students at Kalegala junction.

Police said the undergraduates had disregarded an order not to proceed towards Galle.

Students of the University of Ruhuna, today started a protest comming to Matara town from Nadugala, Nupe and Wellamadama against the government’s decision to give legal recognition to the private medical institution in Malabe. Pictures show the University students who came out from Wellamadama to Matara have been stopped by the police.

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