Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tense situation at Magazine Prison in Welikada ( Photos and Videos )

A tense situation was reported from the Magazine Prison in Welikada. The sound of gun fire was heard from the prison premises, a reporter said

The fire brigade has been called in, while initial reports from the prison say that inmates of the Magazine Prison had set a building on fire following a protest.

At least 20 inmates and four prison guards were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital following the clash at the prison, hospital sources said. Police used tear gas to control the tense situation at the Magazine prison a short while ago, a reporter stated.


Following the clash LTTE suspects who are placed in a ward within the Magazine Prison were taken out and were taken to the Welikada Prison a short while ago.

Heavy traffic is reported in the Baseline Road as the road from the Dematagoda junction til the Welikada Prison entrance has been temporary closed by the police due to the tense situation inside the Magazine Prison.

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