Wednesday, January 18, 2012

President Mahinda Rajapaksa with Pusswedilla

President Mahinda Rajapaksa bursting into spontaneous laughter while watching the political satire ‘Puswedilla – Part 3’ at the Lionel Wendt Theatre in Colombo on Saturday. Several Parliamentarians, Ministers and artistes were also among the audience.

The Lionel Wendt was filled with laughter when his Excellency Chaminda Pusswedilla hit the stage with his World Pees Summit. The play, written and directed by Feroze Kamardeen was splendidly done with the use of wit and brilliant political satire which kept all those who came glued to their seats in continuous fits of laughter.

The actors did a brilliant job and quite amazingly, almost all of them resembled Sri Lankan politicians. And their skilful use of Singlish and deliberate uses of wrong terms kept the audience entertained till the end.

Unfortunately this was also a minus point because the many foreigners who came to the World Peece Sumitt didn’t get all of the humour in the play.

In the World Peese Sumitt H.G.H.E. Chaminda Pusswedilla aided by his ever present secretary Cyril Nitharamasuffering steps forward to help the Presidents from other countries such as the USA, Israel and Iraq who come to Coconut Trees (Polgas Mandira), in ‘Arsikland’ (our sick land) where Pusswedilla’s leadership prevails, to solve their problems. He solves these problems easily using his intellect and experience and of course in a way that would be to his advantage.

The audience was entertained from the very beginning till the end and the songs which were hilarious kept everyone satisfied. Both the old and the young enjoyed the play and almost all of the people we talked to were totally in agreement.

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