Monday, January 30, 2012

The truth about Minister Mervin Silva ( Balumgala ) : part 2

Neth Fm Balumgala Team has exposed many frauds... culprits... and Now they have exposed the truth about Minister Mervin Silva and also his son Malaka Silva. Balumgala reveals their connection to drug business . We all Expect government will take action against Minster Mervin Silva.

Hewa Koparage Mervyn Silva born March 25, 1944 known as Mervyn Silva, is a Sri Lankan politician, Member of Parliament and government minister. Silva entered politics by joining the Sri Lanka Freedom Party in Hambantota District but later joined the United National Party.

At the 1994 parliamentary election Silva was elected to represent Hambantota District for the UNP. He later rejoined the Sri Lanka Freedom Party.

At the 2004 parliamentary election Silva was a United People's Freedom Alliance candidate in Colombo District but failed to get elected after receiving only 2,236 preference votes and coming in last place amongst the 23 UPFA candidates in the district.

However, in May 2004 he was appointed as National List MP for the UPFA, replacing his wife who had resigned to allow Silva enter Parliament. In January 2007 Silva was appointed Non-Cabinet Minister of Labour. At the 2010 parliamentary election Silva was elected to represent Gampaha District for the UPFA. Afterward he was appointed Deputy Minister of Mass Media & Information.

This caused strong protests from journalists because of Silva's past history with the media.Reporters Without Borders described the appointment as "asking an arsonist to put out fires". Silva resigned as Deputy Minister of Mass Media. Information in May 2010 but was immediately appointed as the new Deputy Minister of Highways.

Balumgala : The Truth about Mervin Silva part 1

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