Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hirunika to strengthen president’s hands

Hirunika Premachandra, the daughter of slain presidential advisor Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra Speaking at a meeting of a candidate at Polonnaruwa yesterday (5th) Miss Premachandra further said she had no intention of joining a common opposition or a broken down opposition.

She had said all those talk about her joining the opposition were false and she believed that the party her father protected with his sweat and blood should be protected and the hands of President Mahinda Rajapaksa should be strengthened.

She said she was only a member of Sri Lanka Mahajana Party and has not held any talks to join an opposition alliance.

 ’’This is the first time I am speaking on a political platform and speaking on behalf of the SLFP and the alliance. People have identified me as someone against the government. There is no such thing.’’

’’I come from a leftist family. It is for this party that my father dedicated his life. I will not leave
this party. I will always be loyal to this party. Everyone identified me only after the death of
my father because I always raised my voice demanding justice.’’

’’Even this morning I heard a rumours that I am going to create a joint opposition. No, I have no such requirement to create a joint opposition. A few months ago I commenced my political activities as a representative of the Sri Lanka Mahajana Party.’’

’’It is another party in this alliance. I have no plans of either creating an opposition party or joining the opposition. There is no point in joining a collapsing opposition. That is the truth,’’ stated Hirunika Premachandra

Also she sang a song in UPFA stage.


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