Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Son Malaka is not in hiding - Mervin Silva

Mr. Sarath Fonseka has challenged me to produce Malak Silva who is supposed to be hiding to the Police, but before issuing such challenges, Mr Fonseka should produce his own son in law, who is being hidden by him, said Minister Mr. Mervin Silva.

He was speaking at a press briefing today (14) where he reiterated that his son was not in hiding and the police if necessary could come anytime and take him into custody, he said. 
The Minister also said his son was not a murderer, drug peddler, bribe taker or another’s woman snatcher to go into hiding.

The incident of an alleged assault by Malaka Silva on an army Major, is not a big issue as made out by some media.

The Minister further said the incident was one where there was a clash between friends in civvies. If his son or any other person had assaulted any army personnel dressed in uniform, it would have prompted him to immediately take the side of the army.

The Minister said he was unable to disclose the real issue behind the incident since it would possibly bring the army into disrepute. The assault was not an assault on the army.

However, the army major who was subject to an assault by Malaka Silva at a night club car park in Colombo recently, is yet under medical treatment in the army hospital and has even been operated on, it is reported.

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