Saturday, September 22, 2012

Malaka released

Malaka Silva and Rehan Wijeratne, who were remanded on Monday for allegedly assaulting an army major, were released by the Colombo Fort Magistrate today on  bail with two sureties  of Rs 1 million each .

Army Major Chandana Pradeep Susena, who is a witness in an assault case, was questioned by Magistrate Kansihka Wijeratne before the two suspects in this case was released on bail. The Magistrate asked major why he recanted on his earlier statement that the two suspects had assaulted him.
The major responded saying he was under shock at the time he made his complaint to the police. The Magistrate asked him how an army intelligence unit officer with more than 15 years of service could suffer from shock. Then the major said it happened because he was bleeding and traumatised at the time.
The Magistrate said even though a settlement had been reached between the two parties, would not be considered as over because of the robbery charge that is still pending.

He directed the police to investigate the matters mentioned in the complaint made by the army major and also check the CCTV footage on the incident before they submitted their report to court on September 24.

The police were also directed to tell court the action that would be taken against the army major

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