Friday, September 21, 2012

Nude pictures reason for Kapruka owner’s killing

The reason for Mr. Saman Rajapaksa, the owner of Kapruka clothes shop in Gampaha who was hacked to death with swords in the town center was because he had taken nude pictures of his elder sister, according to the confession by the chief suspect for the murder.

It has been revealed that the Kapruka owner had photographed the elder sister of the suspect with a secret camera affixed in the changing room of his shop.

Subsequently he had printed the photographs and attempted to intimidate the suspect’s eldest sister and husband and demanded a ransom.

The chief suspect has confessed to the police that he had killed Mr. Rajapaksa for this reason.
On the 13th of July, when the murder victim was in his shop, two persons had walked up to him and cut him up and had hidden the two swords behind the fisheries market.

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