Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Police hunt for Malaka Silva

The official pistol and mobile phone of the Army Major who was injured due to an alleged assault by Malaka Silva had been handed over to the Slave Island Police Station by the driver of Mr. Silva, police said. They also said that they were conducting investigations to arrest Malaka Silva and six  five others who had been clad in uniforms similar to the Ministerial Security Division (MSD).

Police Spokesman Ajith Rohana said Malaka’s driver had told police that the pistol and the mobile phone of the Intelligence Unit Army Major had been found on the floor of the Jaic Hilton premises where the incident took place.

Slave Island Police have launched an investigation according to the complaint made by the victim Army Intelligence Officer that his pistol, mobile phone and gold chain were snatched by Malaka Silva and former Minister Mano Wijeratne’s son after assaulting him.

The Army Major, who was at the National Hospital, was transferred to the military hospital yesterday.

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