Friday, September 14, 2012

Malaka Silva goes to Colombo DIG’s office

Malaka Silva, the son of minister Mervyn Silva and Rohan Wijeratne, the son of Sri Lankan ambassador in Turkey Bharati Wijeratne, have gone to the DIG’s office in Colombo this morning (Sept. 13) to give a statement with regard to an assault incident.

They are accused of having assaulted a major attached to the Army intelligence and his buddy at JAIC Hilton Hotel in Colombo a few nights ago.

The Army, on the instructions of the Army chief yesterday, has set up a tribunal to investigate the incident, said Army spokesman Brig. G. Ravipriya.

Meanwhile, the only sister of Dr. Nissanka Wijeratne has refuted media reports that a son of the late minister was involved in the assault incident. N. Hulangamuwa said Dr. Wijeratne had only two sons – Subodhana and Hasitha, who do not have anything to do with local politics.

Hasitha is a medical doctor who has graduated from Hertfordshire University in England and presently serves at Colchester Hospital. Sobodhana, an honours graduate of Cambridge University, England is reading for his doctorate in Japan, said Mrs. Hulangamuwa.

Their reputation has been tarnished by the reports that a son of late Dr. Wijeratne had got involved in an act of thuggery with a person like Malaka Silva, she said.

Upon further inquiries, it has been revealed that Rohan Wijeratne is a son of ambassador Wijeratne’s first marriage.

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