Sunday, September 2, 2012

Story behind Cobra Woman

More information on the  young woman who is reported to have had engaged  a cobra as a dancing partner in  the  Cleopatra Night Club in Kollupitiya been revealed.

She is I.M. Nirosha Wimalaratne alias Dilani,  age 21, born in Hyderabad, Pakistan. Her mother ws a Pakistani national, and father a Sri Lankan, she has told the media, and was handed over to her present ‘ parents’ for upbringing.

Since the father was a Sri Lankan, they had come to the country and had  gone back to Pakistan after a quarrel, leaving her in the care of her  foster parents, R. M. Wimalaratne  and Sriyani Wickremasinghe.

Nirosha had her schooling at an international school in the Danture area,  and had gone to the Katunayake free trade zone in search of employment after her schooling

 As she was with a talent for dancing, she found employment in a night club  there. Subsequently, she was employed at the Cleopatra night Club in Kollupitiya, on invitation from its manager.

There was an entry at the Kollupitiya police station that she was married earlier, according to the OIC  Managala Dehideniya.

However Nirosha maintains that she is not married and that she had a love relationship with the person concerned and lived in his house for a short period.

Meanwhile, she says she cam across the snake on the 01st of august  and that she had not  danced with the snake.

On a court directive, she was examined by psychiatrists who held  that she has not  suffering from mental  illness   

Accordingly, she has released on personal bail  by the court  with a directive to appear before the Courts on the 27th of September.

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