Monday, July 11, 2011

Mila actress Anuksha Sonali arrested over prostitution

Mirihana Police this afternoon (July 08) arrested teledrama actress Anushka Sonali Sayakkara on a charge of engaging in prostitution.

She has appeared in the teledrama ‘Mila’ telecast over ITN.

In that teledrama, Anushka played the role of Pujani, the secretary of ‘Terrance’, played by Kingsley Lose.
She is 28 years old. The video below shows the manner she portrayed the supporting role in the Tele Drama. 

Another 2 Actresses arrested over Prostitution


  1. Gaana Keeyada? Narakama Ne...

  2. anith ayata egilla dikkarana oyala kochchara jara wedakaranawada, taman hedila anith unwa hadanna.pau weda karanda epa

  3. Why the attack on one person?. There are so many doing the same thing!!. This looks like a personal vendetta of some goon who couldnt have her!!

  4. Aneeee matath mekata kohoma hari gahanna ona....5000k dennam...ane set karala denakoooooo


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