Friday, May 4, 2012

Ranjan Ramanayaka plays a female character - Kanchana

Ranjan Ramanayaka has the fashion to make films and acts in any role which stand against the injustice. This talented, famous and handsome actor, Ranjan plays the role of a lady who fights for innocent, underprivileged society in a upcoming film, which has begun shooting recently.

 These images of Ranjan in saree will bring you the memories of Kanchana movie, which the Indian actor, Sarath Kumar played his role as the heroin of the plot, originally. We will bring more information about this film in near future.

 Ranjan Ramanayaka, the multi-talented artist has shown his skills in acting, film direction, singing and dancing is also a politician in real life. He is the opposition leader of Sabaragamuwa Provincial Council, Sri Lanka. Even before joining the politics, Ranjan was a social activist , who called for a national attention to support Sri Lankan migrant workers suffering in middle east countries and other nations. He has been often critical of political policies and does not shy away from having a voice. So we can hope he does the same in this movie playing a role of a female.

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