Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sanath Jayasuriya Weds for Third Time

Former cricket captain and MP Sanath Jayasuriya marries for third time according to sources.

Sanath jayasuriya's first marriage was with Air Lanka ground hostess Sumudu Karunanayake.

Then he got married to Sandra De Silva, a former flight attendant of Sri lankan air lines. Sanath and Sandra have 3 children. Sanath divorced from Sandra few months ago.

His third marriage with An actress according to sources. The Wedding was held yesterday evening In Mount Lavinia. There were very limited guests and it was restricted to media.
Updated : Bride is Super six actress Maleeka ( Mallika ) Sirisena.

Sanath Jayasuriya with Sumudu ( first marriage )

Sanath Jayasuriya with Sandra and kids ( second marriage )

Sanath - Maleeka Wedding Photos


  1. Trying for his 3rd world record

  2. Shame on you Sanath...and Maleeka is no doubt a gold digger...I will pray that you get the same treatment when Sanath urges to scratch again....Maleeka you are a B..... breaking a family - may the curses of his children hit you so hard that you would not be able to fathom what hit you.

  3. sure he goes for 4th wedding as well...mara amaruwa unta!!!

  4. puduma amaruwa sanathta...sure he goes for his 4th wedding!!!!

  5. 4th Marriage C o m i n g S o o n . . . . !

  6. dam whore sh0uld be stoned

  7. I know her old boy friend from SL airlines his name is Thushara kapilaratne.Seen together in Paris France

    1. I am quite sure they never went out,

  8. actually shameless. surely for the third one sana will not be the first one, even not within ten.

  9. lankawe ganunta una

  10. Maybe his Balls need more holes.


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