Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ranjan - Anarkali Fight

Popular actor Ranjan Ramanayake says that he did not engage in a tussle with Actress Anarkali Akarsha at the Muhurath of the ‘Allapu Gedara’ film.

Ranjan Ramanayake stated that he had told the film’s director that he opposed to having Anarkali Akarsha as his onscreen girlfriend in the film.

He further says that he rejected Anarkali thus as she has become a violent character.

However, Ranjan says that Anarkali is spreading tales that she fell after he pushed her, just to get attention.

Noting that director Birmin Laili Fernando as well as artists including Jeewan Kumaratunga, Tennyson Cooray and Anusha Damayanthi were present when the incident took place, Ranjan says that once can clarify from them as to what actually happened.

1 comment:

  1. You went behind her when she was a small girl (only 15 years) and did everything with her. Now you are crying cos you are scared she will tell the world and you will be a child molester. Sick man.

    She is a nice girl. She smiles at every one. She is a bit silly, but there are a lot of silly girls in sri lanka.

    True she makes up stories.. that is what actresses do..neede? So maybe she should become a writer/director like YOU and then people will pay money to see her 'stories'.

    Really Ranjan, if nothing happened, why are you sooooooo eager to share your side of what 'did'nt' happen???



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