Friday, July 19, 2013

Young bride dead the day after honeymoon

A news about a young bride who has fallen dead due to a dowry issue, the day after the return from honeymoon is reported from Kantale police station.

Kantale police fished out the body of this 30 year old woman who was married on the 16th, out form a farm well near the groom's house on the 17th around 10pm.

The deceased is a 30 year old woman named Chamoika Udayakanthi from Pilimathalawa.
He brother said that she had been humiliated because of a dowry issue.

But in the grooms defense, one of his sisters said that the bride looked a bit mentally unstable and that her brother, the groom, is now trying to commit suicide after this sudden tragedy.

The Coroner who examined the body at the Kanthale base hospital transferred the body to the Polonnaruwa General hospital for further tests,due to lack of facilities.

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  1. me blog eka sinhalenuth balanna puluwan wena widiyata hadanawanam meeta wada janapriya weyi.api me blog eke news walata kemathi wunath english behe.


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