Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boda meedum actress Udari chamika was given a six month suspended jail term

Boda meedum teledrama actress Udari chamika who was found guilty of stealing clothes from Odel in September was given a six month suspended jail term today by the Colombo Magistrate Rushmi Singappuli.
The actress Udari Chamika Waranakulasuriya was arrested with clothes amounting to Rs. 17,500 inside her bag.
The jail term has been suspended for one year period. .
The actress after being detected with the clothes had been ordered to kneel inside the Odel and  photographs had been released to some of  the websites.

Previous article about ODEL incident
Exclusive : Udari got caught in odel Photoes ( kneel down with stolen stuff )

Click for More photos of Udari Chamika


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