Thursday, November 18, 2010

ODEL CEO Otara Gunewardene’s Udari Chamika Scandal

Our post Exclusive : Udari got caught in odel Photoes ( kneel dwon with stolen stuff ) is receiving many comments regarding the incident. Many people comment against Odel and Ms Otara for releasing Udari's photos after taken she got caught. Also there are some people are defending Otara's actions. Today one of our reader has sent us a article which is published "srilankaguardian" regarding this discussion. We found that all the comments Quoted from the discussion which is going uder above post.

Here is the guardian article.


by Raj Wijewardana from Colombo(November 18, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian)

Bloggers around the world reacted strongly this week against Odel CEO, Otara Gunewardene for releasing photos of Udari Waarnakulasooriya kneeling down before security guards when Udari was caught for shoplifting at Odel.

Otara’s security guards had made Udari to kneel down and photographed her upon arresting her. The team had later released the photos to media.

However, bloggers around the world saw this incident differently.

“Whoever who has posted these pictures has violated her human rights. Udari should take legal actions against this. What she has done is wrong but ODEL has no right to kneel down this girl or to take pictures of her and publicize. This is totally ridiculous. Everyday ODEL catches so many people stealing but do they take pictures and give publicity like this? Just because she was a celebrity in this small country all these shameless frogs are gathering around to laughs. Look at your own sins people. This is so shame ODEL. Pathetic!,” according to one blogger from Colombo.

“If Otara thinks that she can make a person kneel down by blackmailing, threatening and abusing her, further debase her by taking photos of her even without her consent and finally denigrate her by publishing those photos on the World Wide Web for everybody to see then it shows what a sadist Otara is. Otara's money is at work and that is why there is nobody to bring Otara to books despite her provable act of violating fundamental human rights of Udari Chamika Warnakulusuriya. (I do not want to talk about how Mangy(Mangala Samaraweera) helped Otara to purchase the block of land in Town Hall where the Odel store is now located.)

Udari is not the first or last shoplifter who got caught at Odel but the particular way in which Otara has treated Udari must be properly analyzed. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Otara, who gets insulted, annoyed and jealous whenever she notices a younger female body, somehow finds a way to screw them up. This time her victim was Udari. Next time it can be you if you are a pretty girl with a sex appeal. Be careful if you visit Odel. The best thing is to avoid Odel and keep your dignity,” according to another blogger.

“Isn't there are a way to sue Odel for taking law into their hands? Can a privately owned business establishment be allowed to play at being judge, jury and executioner in this manner?” another blogger said.



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    So what is that called....a perfect job ? Who is going to knee down ?

  2. Otara this is fucking ridiculous!!
    fuck the odel and fuck ya,you fucking cunt

  3. Its a shame on both otara and udari for subjecting themselves to this indignity. H/E my sympathies are with Udari. The security have absolutely no right whatso ever to take the law unto their own hands and subject udari to such degrading treatment. Thats a matter for the police. Odel are not clean either.ODEL ROBS brand owners of their rights selling their merchandise without payment of Royalties and profits. If she had to pay the fines she probably would be kneeling before a million men sucking them off and yet would not be able to compensate given her ugly mouth and sickly looks.


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