Saturday, November 20, 2010

ODEL CEO Otara Gunewardene’s Photos

The 46 years old charismatic owner of Odel... Otara Gunewardene.. is a Sri Lankan entrepreneur.. Model... She is the founder and CEO of the brand ODEL. Otara ventured into selling garments from the boot of her car. In 1989, having rented a small place on Lester James Peries Mawatha (Formally ‘Dickman’s Road) in Colombo 4, she opened ODEL - the first of a chain of retail outlets.

recently her name came to talk with ODEL IPO and most recently the incident happen with Teledrama actress Udari chamika... and people was taling against Odel CEO, Otara Gunewardene for releasing photos of Udari Waarnakulasooriya kneeling down before security guards when Udari was caught for shoplifting at Odel.

we have received some charming photos of otara... 


Udari chamika' kneeling down with stolen stuff photos :::


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. I see better in Maradana. Kindly delete photos as my home help looks ok compared to you

  3. she is realy beatiful you know she naver gatting old why she have good hart its true .she dont know i know about her vary well. peaple are talking bul shit its true . sanjeewa ( london)

    1. Sanjeewa, your english sucks. Your fuking the queen man.

  4. Hey its true she sux the municipal council road cleaner is much better.

  5. Otara is one of the most unethical business people in the country. she milks small businesses for every penny, and keeps unethically huge margins before she sells her stuff to the public. She is a disgrace to all women! She steals peoples business connections and undercuts them. These are not things a person with integrity or class would do!

  6. she is so humble , kind no proud at all , she is a role model for all women as i know personally


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