Monday, November 15, 2010

Upcoming Model Ashvini Dulanjali Peiris photos

Ashvini Dulanjali Peiris - a fashion model by profession is a 20-year-old beauty who has been part of many television commercials. She is a promising model who has a great future and truly Sri Lankan looks.

Your education?
I am reading for a Business Management Degree now.
Your entry to this field?
I liked modelling from my childhood. I studied the subject from Rozanne Diasz. I have been modelling for the past one year and have taken part in TV commercials.
How do you feel about being a model now?
Well, good. I meet a lot of people and I know I have improved a lot. There is no big competition as such. I do my part and mind my own business.
How does popularity affect you?
I don’t think much of popularity. But I am keen about the feedback I get.

The benefits of being popular as a beautiful girl?
Like I said earlier I don’t take it to my head. I am more concerned about objective criticism.
What type of males do you like?
Men who are exemplary. Those who respect their families and wife.
On the surface, most men are so aren’t they?
You can deceive people always. I like people who are sincere and transparent.
Any bad qualities?
I am a bit stubborn.
Will this quality affect your future partner?
I am not stubborn always. I like somebody who is not selfish, who doesn't lie and someone who will love me a lot. Other matters will not matter much.
How do you maintain your figure?
No big efforts. Trying to put on weight. I always keep myself clean.
Will you become a top model someday?
My aim is to study and work according to my qualifications. Modelling is my hobby.

And GO Magazine Interview with Ashvini


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