Saturday, November 6, 2010

Boda meedum actress Udari chamika NEVER SEEN photos and Go magazine interview

We have received some photos of BODA MEEDUM main actress " Udari chamika WAarnakulasooriya's. " including 2009 GO Magazine interview.
she was the girl who act in a famous music video " BORUKARI " done by daddy band.

apart from boda meedum her name came to talk after get caught stealing stuff from famous srilankan shop ODEL few weeks ago.

Full name Udari Chamika Warnakulasuriya

D.O.B March 22, 1988

Age 22

School Ave Maria Convent, Negombo

Married to Dr. Sujith Indeewara Wijeratne

Favourite film Udayakantha Warnasuriya’s Aasai Mang Piyambanna

Favourite actors Amithabh Bachchan and Bimal Jayakody

Favourite actresses Aishwarya Rai and Malani Fonseka

Favourite food Conetto ice cream

Favourite beverage Strawberry milkshake

Address 24/4 B, Kadawatha Road,Kalubowila, Dehiwala

 2009 GO MAGAZINE interview

MORE :: click below links....

Boda meedum actress Udari chamika latest photoeS

Exclusive : Udari got caught in odel Photoes ( kneel down with stolen stuff )


  1. sad case. just leave her alone

  2. pau girl.very bad to famous this incedent.
    bcoz peple can be happened such a mistakes. but
    vry vry dirty to famous this. think a second how she face to the world hereafter

  3. To the person whowrote the above comment. If you can not write a sensible sentence do not attempt to write in public. What were you trying to say it does not make any sense at all.

    Now to Udari, It is not a mistake it is pre meditated theft. You wont put 4 cloth items in your bag by mistake and then deny it.

    She might have had this habit since she was little and I do no think this is the first time she attempted this. Well done ODEL. If people do not like the prices at ODEL do not shop there but it wont give you the rights to say that they did the wrong thing by Udari. If this was your father's shop would you allow Udari to steal and feel sorry for her. Not at all!!!!

    She may be atalented star but that does not give her the right to steal.

  4. Yes that's true. If a normal person did this people will call her a thief.
    But since she is an actress ppl telling that she has done this by mistaken, I dnt know hw sri lankan ppl cum this much stupid....

  5. Theft is bad, true. being rich i am sure she has no money probs. may be she needs help. coz there are people who do such things due to some psychological conditions. i think people shud stop spreading the story for we do not know her situation.

  6. Let's get this story into perspective. Udari was wrong and she has been punished so previos writer no good writing about father's shop shit. What folks are trying to state now is this girls HR was violated and she needs to take legal action. Do you get that, odel supporter


  8. She was certainly wrong, but if ODEL was going to allow the Police to handle the situation anyway, it was not up to them to take further action. They should've known where to stop, and now they've definitely crossed the limit. I love shopping at ODEL,I know the owner too, and I'm sorry security doesn't seem to be as strong as it should be - but that does not excuse taking away the dignity of a human being (which is an integral part of anyone) just to make it a warning to others!
    Regardless of the circumstances, ODEL was wrong to have humiliated her - everyone makes mistakes. It's not as if she wasn't paying for what she did anyway. This was totally uncalled for.
    Personally, I'm shocked at ODEL. They've brought a very negative image upon themselves!

  9. i like her. really sad

  10. I would like to know whether a person be punished twise for the same fault as the "girl" had been keeled down like in scool days & case was handed over to the police for further investigations & punishments. Stealing is an offence & should not be promoted. But organizations should respect the law of the country & should act accordingly.

  11. for the anonymous no1 if u say that what odel staff did there was right ....U go sleep with Odel security..
    shop lifting happens everywhere so its not a big deal.that doesnt justify her actions by the way. what they had to do was to take the matter to the proper authorities
    but what they did ruined her whole carrier ..and her image too..
    for those who put the blame on her ..i HOPE THAT U HAVENT STOLEN A THING in your entire life... if not but still saying that ODEL Security did the right thing.. GO F%$#%ur self and ur dog too
    i'd really lyk to see her sue ODEL and grab a HUGE CHUNK.. :0

  12. hey it is not for u anonymous1 ok it is for anonymous 3 & 4 k...sorry hop u dont mind :D

  13. එල්ලා මරාපියව් kidding. i love her

  14. she is excellent brave and cool.stop dis.odel is not going to close their whole shops bec of dis.if u can do go ahead.god will bless u.

  15. I think this lady can take a Human Rights action against the ODEL, I am wondering why that lady keep in silent.Because ODEL can not take such kind of pics and publish to media.As some one said here, due to some mental problem or whatever the reason she did this wrong thing, but there should be a kind of rules and regulations against this matter by relevant authorities. Who the ODEL to do this for her? may be they(ODEL) has money and power to control SL police.

  16. I know steeling is wrong, But it happened.ODEL cant do such a dirty things to her.She has to take action against to them.

    As a person I like her very much. She is very talented girl.

    Just leave her along and let the police to take decition. This is not criminal of course.

  17. My Little Angel.............
    I Love You...

  18. this woman sucks. it was she who tried to destroy her self respect. a thief is a thief and it doesn't matter if that person is the president or a mere actress. she is already labelled.


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