Monday, November 22, 2010

Paya Ei Hinahenne - MiLiN

" Paya Ei hinahenne " is a Popular song sang by Mr. H.R Jothipala. A young singer Milin ( saregama music ) with Chrishan has done a re make of the song with a awesome video. another great work by wasawa baduge with the video. check it out.

Artist - MiLiN Music - Saregama Music
Music Production - Chrishan E (Saregama Music)
Lyrics - Gunarathne Abeysekara
Video - Sixteen9 Cinematography
Video Director - Wasawa Baduge
Video Production Coordinator - Chathura Yasantha

and if anyone interesting The OLD version Originally sang by Mr. H.R Jothipala.


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