Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinakshi Priyasad New Photos and Go magazine Interview

She is a new comer into the field of acting though she has taken part in five to six television (TV) commercials earlier. She is none other than Dinakshi Priyasad who has taken a new step into the teledrama industry.
“More than acting, I started as a TV presenter in the year 2000 presenting the Sirasa TV ‘Punchi Panchi’ and at present I am presenting the ‘C View’ musical programme which is on Channel C at the Dialog TV,” said Dinakshi.According to Dinakshi at present she is performing the character of Chapa in the teledrama ‘Wassana Sihinaya’ which is on Derana TV directed by Janaka Siriwardhane.
“Chapa is a girl that suffers from some kind of an illness. She is an orphan and she has to face a lot of troubles which arrives from her brother in law, Rohan. In the meantime she meets up with Kasun and the story carries on,” she added.
Dinakshi further stated that the teledrama started telecasting from September 21 and at the moment she is receiving fare responses from the viewers.
“Most of the viewers have read the ‘Wassana Sihinaya’ novel and according to their responses, they say that I am suitable for the respective character because the character revolves around a schooling girl of the age which I belong now,” stated Dinakshi.
According to Dinakshi her hometown is Nugegoda and she has studied in Holy Family Convent (HFC) in Bambalapitiya up to the ordinary level (O/L) examination and had continued her secondary education at the Royal Institute in the Maths Stream.
“I did my advanced level (A/L) examination this year and now I am looking forward to doing an external degree at the Open University in civil engineering,” she said.
She further stated that she is also hoping to continue her higher studies in architecture as well as in interior designing.
“I was extremely interested in dancing and singing while I was schooling and I have also taken part in many singing competitions as well as in solo singing,” said Dinakshi.
She further emphasised that while she was schooling, she had no special dream as such other than being at a good position in the future.
“I had a thought of becoming a film director once in my childhood because I had a family background related to the film industry,” stated Dinakshi.
When questioned from Dinakshi, which type of a character she was in school, she stated that she was a very quiet character in school.
“I was extremely friendly with all the children in school as well as with my teachers. I have neither been mischievous nor being punished,” she said.
According to Dinakshi she has got five members in her family including her self.
“My father is Dinesh Priyasad who is a movie director and my mother is Shirani Priyasad,” she added. She further said that she has got two younger sisters named Sheshadri Priyasad and Shanudri Priyasad who are still schooling at Royal Institute.
According to Dinakshi she has taken part in TV commercials such as Holcim, Cream Soda, Koththu Mee along with some others.
“I started appearing in TV commercials in the year 2006 and among the TV commercials which I have performed, the ‘Chit Chat King Size’ TV advertisement was the most popular,” she added.
Dinakshi further emphasized that she loves listening to music, dancing, surfing the web (specially the face book) along with watching movies at leisure.
“I am hoping to out a compact disk (CD) in the near future along with my two sisters. I have not decided a name for the CD yet though there will be six songs in the CD,” said Dinakshi.
She further stated that Ruckshan Mark will be providing music for the CD and that she is looking forward to release it by next year.
“I have got two invitations, one for a 40 episode teledrama and the other for a movie. I will be performing in the teledrama and the shooting will start commencing from February next year though I have not yet decided regarding the movie,” she stated. Concluding her conversation with the TV guide, Dinakshi stated that she is giving more priority to her studies while she is hoping to continue in acting if she gets good roles to perform.


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