Saturday, August 24, 2013

No withdrawals of CIFL deposits

It is reported that the depositors of Central investment and finance company (CIFL) have been unable to obtain interest money or withdraw their deposits.

Due to a financial crisis that took place in he company, the central bank had to intervene and bestow its administration to a state incorporated finance company from the 1st of July.

It is said that although the CB had interfered it had not been able to bring CIFL back on tracks.
This company had obtained deposits manly by promising that would giving them massive interest rates.

Even famous cricketer MP Sanath Jayasuriya had posed for one of CIFL ads.

This company however, is a registered finance company in the CB.

It is in the No.45 slot in the registered finance companies list published by the central bank.

Economic experts say that this situation has taken place due to the misdeeds committed by its initial owner Deepthi Perera.

It is reported that the Canrich company started by him has also crashed down in a severe manner.
The CB will issue a special announcement regarding the Canrich company soon.

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