Monday, February 13, 2012

CPC, LIOC increase fuel prices and after effects

State run Ceylon Petroleum Corporation said a litre of 90 octane petrol would be raised by 12 rupees to 149 rupees and standard auto diesel would be raised by 31 rupees to 115 rupees partially correcting fuel miss pricing
Kerosene would be raised by 35 rupees to 106 rupees from mid night Saturday. Premium 95-octane petrol would go up to 167 rupees a litre.

Lanka Indian Oil Corporation said it would follow state mandated pricing.

Long queues were reported at petrol stations island-wide due to the impending hike.

Fishermen to take to the streets

Despite the assurance given by the government that a fuel concession would be given to them in the wake of the fuel price hike, the fishermen in the coastal areas have decided to take to the streets immediately.

Some fishermen have opted for immediate action and held a protest along the Palangaturi coast yesterday. However National Fishermen Solidarity Movement Convener Herman Kumara told the  that Fishermen would hold protests in Kalpitiya, Mahawera, Marawilla and Negombo today.

Bakery products to go up

The Lanka Bakery Owners' Association is to increase the price of baked goods next week due to the fuel price hike.

Bus strike 

Private Bus Owners Association says that they will launch an island wide bus strike from midnight today. Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo, the association’s president Gemunu Wijeratne confirmed this move.
He further said that the decision to launch the strike comes in light of the fuel price revision.

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