Monday, February 13, 2012

Chilaw fishermen protest ( Video )

A tense situation has arisen in Chilaw due to protests against the bus strike and the price hike in fuel.
Protest was held in the Chilaw town today (February 13) by fishermen in the area, demanding fuel concessions from the government.

The Colombo-Chilaw main road and several adjacent roads were blocked due to the protests causing heavy traffic in the area. Protestors were seen setting fire to tires and shouting slogans after fuel prices were drastically increased. Similar protests have been reported from Negombo, Porutota, Wellaweediya and Kudapaduwa areas.

Train services along the Chilaw railway line have been temporarily suspendedbecause of the protest.
The Railway Control Room stated that the demonstrators have obstructed the railway track by burning tires.

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