Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Armed group abducts ‘Kudu Mervyn’

Nethiyas Chandrapala alias ‘Mervin’ has been abducted by an armed gang of six that had come in a white van.

‘Mervin,’ a defendant in a drug related case, was abducted today afternoon opposite Hulfsdorp Court Complex while he was under custody.

The suspect was given bail in a case heard by Colombo High Court Judge Nimal Nambuwasam and was abducted while he was still under the protection of prison officers.

His hands were still manacled and the abductors threatened prison officers, pushed the suspect’s wife aside, pushed him into a white van and had fled while thousands of people were watching.
The wife of the suspect and the relatives have lodged a complaint at Keselwatta police regarding the abduction.

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