Monday, February 20, 2012

Doctor’s husband comes after Sanoja with a sword

Actress Sanoja Bibile has allegedly been the victim of an attempted sword attack by the husband of a lady doctor attached to Kataragama Hospital.

During a trip to Kataragama, Ms. Bibile, accompanied by some others, had gone to the doctor’s official quarters around 7.30 pm on February 18 to obtain treatment for an ailment.

In a complaint to Kataragama Hospital police, she has alleged the doctor’s husband had tried to attack them with a sword there.

The incident had taken place inside a private medical centre run by the doctor at her official quarters.
According to the complaint, when Ms. Bibile was given the prescription, she had gone to the counter and given it to a man there, with a request to hurry up as they had to attend a pooja at the Kataragama Devale.

The man at the counter had taken offense, torn the prescription and assaulted the actress’s uncle, her complaint said.

When she attempted to mediate, the man had seized a sword and gone after them, but they had run into a room and locked themselves in.

The doctor had then brought them out and allowed them to go away without any harm.

Ms. Bibile said that later, treatment was obtained from another doctor as Kataragama police provided them with protection, adding that she would raise the matter through the Health Ministry.

Meanwhile, chief medical officer of Kataragama Hospital Dr. Janaki Pathirana said the actress had come to her private medical centre to obtain treatment, and following an exchange of words, had assaulted her husband at the counter, injuring his hand.

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