Thursday, March 7, 2013

05 rapes a day - Lakwanitha

Official govt. statistics reveal that in Sri Lanka, 05 women rape cases occur daily, and if we do not  take cognizance of this tragic situation and dedicate our selves as  country t ensure our country is one which protects human dignity and freedom, devoid of violence, the consequences would be disastrous, say the ‘Lakwanitha’ organization.

This was stated in a release  issued by Mrs. Shanthini  Kongahage, President of the  ‘ Eksath Lakwanitha Peramuna’  to mark International Women’s Day  tomorrow (March 08).

‘In  Kahawatte alone there were 28 killings of women. According to Govt. statistics there are 05 women rapes a day, and 06 cases of child abuse. Women’s abuse  figures do not enter in to the statistics in great numbers.  In 2011, police have recorded 1865 cases of rape. In  1990 from a figure of 365, in 2011, after a 20 year period has risen to 1865’ the release states.

 The abuse of women, child abuse and sexual molestation should be halted forthwith. In a society where women’s freedom is protected, in the workplace, home, public transport or any other place women should be protected, the release states.

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