Wednesday, March 20, 2013

11 Nepali dancers arrested at Bambalapitiya

Eleven Nepali dancers have been arrested by the Police yesterday night (18 ) in a Mujra club at Bambalapitiya.

Reports say that the raid was conducted by the Babalapitiya Police and the dancers are still being detained in the police station until now.

However, female police officers have not been used in the raid, reports add.

The Nepali women were dancers and they possessed visa to remain in Sri Lanka.
It has been reported that the owner of the club has previously made a complaint in Bambalapitiya Police station stating that a Neplai dancer has run away with a customer.

Even though the information on the particular customer was provided to the police, he is yet to be arrested.
The woman who ran away has left her passport at the club.

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