Friday, March 29, 2013

Boycott IPL - Ranatunga

Sri Lankan World Cup winning Captain Arjuna Ranatunga urged Sri Lankan Cricketers participating in the Indian Premier League to “keep their dignity and stay away” from the IPL.

Ranatunga said the players should not be treated in the manner that they have been.

“These are world class players and if the IPL have decided against them playing in one part of the country and degraded the cricketers I think they should not play anywhere else they should keep their dignity and stay at home. If they are not welcome in one part of the country why play in other parts” he said.

While stating that the decision by the governing council would set a bad precedent for the sport, Ranathunga reiterated that Lankan cricketers should have been treated with more respect.

“I don’t believe that sports and politics should ever get involved. This sets a bad precedent for the sport because tomorrow you will have some other part shouting against another country. They (IPL) have given into the gimmicks of Tamil Nadu politicians, and will have to watch for the repercussions” he said.

The vociferous Sri Lankan captain turned opposition parliamentarian said that the current developments are sad for the sport.

“The governing council and the franchisees have given into the gimmicks of the Tamil Nadu Politicians.  I don’t ever think that politics and sports should be mixed and this is a glaring example of it. The Tamil Nadu politicians only remember Sri Lanka when there is an impending election or when there is a resolution of this sort, if not our Sri Lankans living in the North and East are forgotten” he said.

He further said the decision should have been made to avoid using Chennai as a venue for the IPL.

“They could have played in all other venues instead of Chennai and that would have been the best decision that would have served all stakeholders. This should have been the decision that was taken instead of giving into threats. A decision such as this would have shown respect to our cricketers instead of the demeaning manner in which they have been treated” he added.

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