Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Brothel exclusively for foreigners raided

A brothel operating under the guise of a hotel in Marawila catering exclusively for foreigners was raided by the Walana Anti Vice squad, police sources said.

The hotel situated in Marawila is said to be owned by a German national and is a locally registered company.

The squad had used a decoy who had pretended to be a soldier from a UN peacekeeping mission and booked a room at the hotel.

Sources said the managers of the hotel had marketed the Brothel promising foreigners the luxury of having sex with local teledrama actresses and shown them pictures to this effect in order to lure the customers.

Three girls aged 19, 21 and 26 were then brought to the hotel from which the decoy was to choose.

The foreigners were charged Rs. 10,000 per hour in addition to the Rs. 5000 charged for the room.

The Anti Vice squad had immediately raided the hotel and arrested the local manager, the three girls and the man alleged to have transported the girls.

The suspects are to be produced before the Marawila Magistrates court.

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