Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Asha Edirisinghe met with a boat accident

Popular actress Asha Edirisinghe has had a boating accident, according to SLM.

The incident has taken place during shooting of the ‘Alu Banduna’ teledrama, produced by Asha herself.

Asha, who portrayed the female lead role of ‘Suddi’, had to face a scene where Suddi’s canoe overturns.
However, everything had not gone according to plan as Asha’s foot had got stuck inside the canoe while it overturned, hurting her badly.

As a result, she had to take a few days off, reports say.

‘Alu Banduna’ directed by Dinuka Prasad Gunatillake, will be telecast at 9.00 pm on weekdays on ITN from March 13.

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