Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Duminda Silva arrested

Colombo Additional Magistrate Mr. Sandun Vitarane today visited the room where the main suspect in the assassination of  Bharatha Lakshman Premanadra and four others, Mr. Duminda Silva, MP was in the Nawaloka Hospital,  and ordered that he be placed in remand  custody until the 14th.

When the case was called today, the counsel for both sides and CID officials presented their facts to Courts and  thereafter the Magistrate stated  that the condition of Mr. Duminda Silva will be ascertained and thereafter an Order given.

Accordingly the Magistrate came to the Nawaloka Hospital today. The attorney for Mr.Duminda Silva stated that consequent to the operation undergone by Mr. Duminda De Silva, if he leaves hospital, the wounds can be infected and could even lead to death.

Having considered the viewpoints of both parties, , the Magistrate directed that Mr. Duminda Silva be placed in remand custody until the 14th.

Mr. Duminda Silva returned to the island at dawn yesterday, following his treatment abroad  for gunshot injuries.

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