Monday, February 13, 2012

Railways also to strike

Following an increase in the price of fuel, railway unions today demanded the authorities for higher wages and other demands which if not received, the unions would go on strike during the New Year, the All Ceylon General Employees Union said today.

“We will give them time till March 25 to address these issues, if not we shall go on strike from April 1 onwards, including the new year season,” the union’s General Secretary Sumathipala Manawadu said.

He said the authorities had assured that they would provide salary increments to 17,000 railway employees but that these were yet to be given. He said a number of advisers were paid their salaries and were appointed for the task, but the salary increments never materialized.

Also Train services along the Chilaw railway line have been temporarily suspended owing to a demonstration carried out by fishermen in Negombo.
The Railway Control Room stated that the demonstrators have obstructed the railway track by burning tyres.

The protest is carried out by small scale fishermen against the fuel price hike.

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