Monday, December 3, 2012

prostitutes have become actresses - Shalani Tharaka

While recently there were reports of actress engaged in prostitution and earning an income, what has happened there is not that actresses have become harlots , but that harlots have become actresses, says popular youth actress Shalani Tharaka.

She was speaking to ‘ Lakbima’ newspaper. ‘Having established their names and in order to foster their trade, they played minor roles in teledramas. When confronted before the law, the story spreads that Tele drama actresses are engaged in the prostitution business’ she said.

Creative artists should ensure that such persons are not engaged in their productions, she said, an that if one day it becomes known that there is such a person acting in the same production with her , she would withdraw from such a venture. Popular Tele star Salani Tharaks’s first film was ‘ Selvam’ and in the yet to be released production ‘ Mayawi’ she plays the role of a complex mentally affected woman.

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