Monday, December 17, 2012

Truth behind the Cobra woman revealed

During the recent past information regarding the exotic dancer Nirosha Wimalarathne has been published in the media following her involvement in the incident concerning a cobra.

However upon inquiry by our news team many discrepancies were uncovered regarding what was expressed by her and what was discovered by our news team.

Nirosha Wimalarathne first came into media spotlight after the police received an emergency call stating that an exotic dancer was performing in a night club in Colpetty with a cobra.

She was arrested by the Colpetty police on the 28th of August and her cobra was also confiscated by the police and she was subsequently released on bail by the Colombo Fort Magistrate’s Court and the cobra was handed over to the Dehiwala Zoological Gardens by the authorities.

Although Nirosha Wimalarathne had stated to the media that her mother was of Indian origin, her birth certificate states that her mother is Sri Lankan.

She had also stated to media that she studied in Sri Lanka till grade 8 and that she then left for India to complete her studies.

However, according to the results released by the department of examinations, she has sat for her O/Level examination at the Danthure examination centre in 2007.

Although she had stated that she had obtained the cobra while meditating at the Dodamwala Dewalaya in Kandy, it has been revealed that she had purchased the cobra from a gypsy for 20 thousand rupees.

When our news team spoke top Nirosha Wimalarathne regarding these discrepancies she gave the following response.

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  1. So what? It didn't had any impact on any. These are not news but news for a media which is bankrupt from news.


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