Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ayomi Shanika's Wedding Photos

Ayomi Shanika, who was a famous actress, has once again entered into a married life, reports say.

This time she has got married in secret. Even in the previous time, Ayomi married without any announcement, and then her husband was a person involved in both politics and media.

It is reported that her marriage, for which only a handful had been invited, has been held at Mt. Lavinia Hotel.

Ayomi first got married on the 2nd June 2009. It was only said to have been confined to mere registration, and later it is said that she had nullified it at the Kaduwela Courts.

However, currently, Ayomi is working as an Ayurvedic doctor at Borella Ayurvedic Hospital and Navinna Ayurvedic Hospital.

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