Thursday, September 26, 2013

'Mafia' in local beauty pageants - Monali Dissanayake

Model Monali Dissanayake has accused that organizers who selected her to represent Sri Lanka in this year's Miss Tourism World beauty pageant competition, have committed a fraud by not allowing her to take part in it.

She has also revealed that there is a 'mafia' within beauty pageants in Sri Lanka.

She has said that organizers of these events are sending contestants under the influence of bribes, even without holding a competition to select the beauty queens.

Noting that these racketeers are conducting this fraud by obtaining millions of Rupees and later faking 'competitions' by taking photographs of pageant crowning at some formal or public event, in order to send it to foreign contest organizers.

Later, these contestants are not even sent to the promised foreign competitions after coming up with false reasons.

Monali says that she was promised to be sent to the Miss Tourism World contest and even had photographs taken of a faked local pageant.

However, organizers had later decided not sent her to the contest and had even come up with a fake excuse for her absence. In this case, they had lied to the foreign pageant organizers saying that Monali would not be able to attend the competition as she has broken her leg.

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