Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mihira Sirithilaka was assaulted by "Hiru Mega Bite" team

It is reported that Actor Mihira Sirithilaka was assaulted by "Hiru Mega Bite" team. 

Mihira Sirithilaka is a Sri Lankan actor who is well famous as a comedian. Mihira has always been a cool person and he is always able to entertain his fans.

Recently Mihira had a very bitter experience and he was almost abducted and tortured.

When a group of people abducted Mihira he did not know anything. But it was a prank by a Hiru TV Mega Bite. They have used a Land rover and kidnapped him and threaten him and his family. Later they have reveal that they are Hiru Team.

Hiru TV Magabite is a TV program which shows their pranks on Sri Lankan celebrity. Hiru Megabite has been one of their feature program from the onset of their TV channel.

In this News clip Mihira explains how he was abducted and tortured by Hiru megabite team.


  1. hiru newei mun HORU

  2. Maha balu channel 1k. Kaalayak me wagema balu wadak karala me hiru channel 1 tahanam karalat tibuna...haden na mun. Balu hathta..


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