Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Hula is trying to kill me – Sudarma’s husband

Owner of Salaka Senkada Group Gamini Nettikumara says he is continuing to receive death threats from the person known as ‘Hula.’

Speaking to the media at Hotel Kingsbury, he said he was a recognized businessman doing legal businesses, and not a casino owner.

Mr. Nettikumara refuted claims by some that he had said that he had loaned money to wives of 12 ministers and was unable to collect the money from them now.

He said that he had never loaned money to any person, adding the aim of this attempt was to inconvenience the government and the president.

Mr. Nettikumara went onto say that the court will resolve the issue of the illegal gambling centre that had been run in part of Salaka building, to which he had no connection whatsoever.

He said the person known as ‘Hula’ and others had been involved in a mudslinging campaign against him over this gambling centre and also threatened him with death.

Despite complaints to Cinnamon Gardens police, investigations had not taken place properly due to influence by ‘Hula’, he said.

The president was informed about these threats, and legal action will be taken against the character assassination, he added.

Some time ago, Mr. Nettikumara told ‘Divaina’ that ‘Hula’ was having an affair with his wife.

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