Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Interview with Rohitha Rajapaksa

Full name : Rohitha Rajapaksa

Pet name : Chichi

Hometown : Weerakatiya

Status : Committed without a doubt

Birthday : 15/06/89

School : S. Thomas' College, Mount Lavinia

Idols : No one at all, maybe someday I can call myself my own idol.

Passions : Passion for each other

Favorite Colour :  Turquoise blue

Favourite Cartoon : Powerpuff Girls

Would you call yourself a FASHIONISTA? : Yes

The story behind the name “Chichi” ? 

When my brother Yoshitha was small, he found it difficult to pronounce ‘chooty’ (small) malli. So once, at a party, he had been stuffing his pockets with food. One of the aunties had asked him as to why he was not eating the food but stuffing it in his pockets, and he had replied saying, “This is for my chichi (supposed to be chooty) malli’. At the time of this incident I was about 1 or 2 months old, since then everyone calls me ‘chichi’.

Your love for racing, when did it start ? 

From the day we were exposed to vehicles, always loved being fast and I love the adrenaline rush you get in fast things.

Do you like being called Chichi ? 

Yes, I just want everyone to call me that and nothing else.

How were you in school ? 

I was decent, did my work, had a bunch of friends from my younger days and never changed them.

How would you describe yourself in two words ? 

“Just right”

What is your favourite thing to spend money on ? 

Bikes and cars.

What is the weirdest thing about you ? Are you proud of it ?

Always needing to make everyone around me workout, especially my girlfriend. I am not proud of it, but I do feel good when I see the people around me fit and healthy.

As the President’s son, two disadvantages you face personally ? 

1-Public eye on everything I do
2- Lack of freedom in society and the restriction on my girlfriend and friends in their personal lives.

How are you at home ?

I am the same person I am outside.

Your fashion statement ? 

Anything that makes me look fit and strong. I try out almost all the styles but I am not too picky since mostly anything fits perfectly.

What would be your PERFECT day ? 

Wake up and workout with my girlfriend and friends, finish my work, have the freedom to face the rest of the day, watching movies and riding bikes and end it with a good dinner with all my friends.

If you could have personally witnessed anything, what would you want to have seen ? 

I have seen the world, the only thing remaining is out of space, which I strongly believe I will see in a few years.

If you could pick any car.. what will you choose ? 

1967 fastback Shelby GT500 (Eleanor)

If you woke up one day looking like Yoshitha, what would you do ? 

 Grow my hair, run to my girlfriend’s closet and burn it, get her a new set of clothes and give her freedom to choose her own style of clothing with no restrictions. Send my girlfriend to a cosmetic surgeon and get her birthmark removed, go run to Yoshitha’s room , grab his ID and credit card and shop as much as I want to and meet the girlfriend's parents and go propose that I am about the age to get married and put Yoshitha in a bit of trouble and hide till I recover my same old good looks as Chichi. Hahaha basically to create chaos.

If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a month, which one would you choose ? 


If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be ? 

A good yummy chicken burger.

Rugby/racing - first choice ? 


 Namal, Yoshitha - who do you think is more fashionable ? 

 Neither, I advise them both, but if I had a choice I would say Yoshitha is smarter and Namal is justtttt him, he loves his jeans and body fit T-shirts, cannot complain.

Kumar, Mahela, Angelo - who is your favourite captain ? 


Describe Tatyana Lee in two words ? 

Picture perfect

Would you ever get in to politics ? 


Have you had a stalker ? 

Have many, still do and can’t make them stop, and it gets annoying when most of them pretend to be me in social media sites.

3 most important things in your life ? 

1 Education
3. Health Top

5 songs you have on you IPod 

1. Perfect by Simple Plan
 2. I’ll be by Edwin Mccain
3. A Lonely September by Plain White T’s
4. Some Nights by Fun.
5. If Tomorrow Never Comes by Ronan Keating

Worst injury you have had ? 

Shoulder dislocation

Your favourite movie ? 


What is the most favourite concert you've been to ? 

Shaggy at Sugathadasa Stadium.

Would you ever get a tattoo ? 

Yes many haha.

Do you like to play video games ? 

Who doesn’t ?

Do you know any big gossipers? 

Yasara (queen of gossip), Rishini, myself, Tatyana Lee, Sachin her best friend, DD.

Have you been pulled over by a cop ? 

Many times.

On what occasions have you faked being sick so you wouldn't have to go ? 

I am not a fan of weddings and funerals, they take too much of my time.

What was the last lie you’ve told ? 

I don’t lie, so can’t really remember.

 Have you ever been in a car accident ? 

Yes, only racing ones.

Best compliment you have received ? 

Too many to keep in mind, always receive a lot, but my favourite is “machang body eka daala wage, monada ganna supplement eka.”

What is your perfect pizza ? 

Chicken Hawaiian with extra chicken, cheese and jalapeno.

source : life.dailymirror.lk

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