Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sudarma Neththikumara's first love

The first love of Sudarma Neththikumara, who splashed headlines recently for her linkup with 'Hula' of the defence ministry, is said to be film director and author Sirimal Wijesinghe.

The young couple's love was a very famous one among students who attended English classes at the Hunupitiya Gangaramaya during the early 80s.

However, that romantic chapter was closed after Gamini Neththikumara, a partner of the Salaka business, claimed her as his wife.

In a recent interview to the 'irida Divaina', Gamini Neththikumara has revealed that his wife is much younger than him age wise.

Sudarma was a young girl when Gamini (whose first marriage had ended by then) saw her first while performing at a show of Khemadasa Master.

He had directly approached her parents and asked for her hand in marriage.

Sudarma hailed from a family in Mutwal, who were not very well off. They too, had agreed to the proposal from this much older but wealthy suitor.

During recent times, Sudarma was linked up with a minister as well as with a brother of a former cricket captain, reports say.

However, Gamini Nethikumara says he possesses an audio tape of how his wife spent time together with 'Hula'.

He adds that usually after a domestic quarrel, around 50 policemen surround the house and when 'Hula' visits his wife, STF personnel in Defenders block the entire road to provide security to the visitor.

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