Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thisuri Yuwanika faces an accident

The young actress who was awarded the best upcoming actress at Sumathi Tele Awards, Thusiri Yuwanika, has faced an accident while she was at the set of 'Mahinsa'.

The tele-drama in which she plays the major role, has a scene where a dead body is floating on a river.

The dead body is Mahinsa’s , therefore she has had to do the  scene of floating on the river.

In order to shoot the scene Thisuri had been rested on a plank and while she was floating the plank has rolled over due to heavy waves causing Thisuri to fall into water.

Even through her father and several others have jumped in to the river to save her, no one has been able to reach her location.

Fortunately, Thisuri has been able to hold on to a branch floating on the river and after floating down for a while the branch has got stuck in few rocks.

Those who came to her rescue have been able to get her out of the river from there.
It is heard that she almost drowned as she cannot swim.

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