Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two teledrama actresses found guilty of prostitution

Two teledrama actresses have been ordered to pay a fine and handed a suspended prison term after being found guilty of prostitution.

Mt. Lavinia magistrate Ruchira Weliwatte yesterday (Feb. 17) ordered a Rs. 250 fine each and a three month jail term, suspended for five years.

Police informed the court that the two women had operated from a three wheeler in front of Liberty Plaza in Colombo.

They had charged between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 15,000 per client.

One of them had become an actress through Rupavahini Corporation’s ‘Fingerprint’ programme, and later went onto become a model, dancer and singer.

She has starred in ‘Gautami’ and several other tele dramas and ‘Sir Last Chance’, a film by Roy Silva.


  1. think of a man who does"t have a wife , if he wants sex what he has to do. ,to rape a woman or go to a prostitute , what is better.

  2. The best way is,
    legalizing the prostitution

  3. It should be leagalized. If teledrama actresses willing to offer sex or sexual enjoyment, I really appreciate them. I myself like to see their nudity and enjoy with them. I am a single man. I love any actress who will offer their treasure. I love it.


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