Monday, December 6, 2010

Colombo Liberty Plaza Super Brothel Raided :: Young minister caught inside ( Video )

Geena’s Liberty Plaza Super brothel Raided.


 A new minister had been inside the high class brothel that is being carried out on the 6th and 7th of the Liberty Plaza apartment complex when the crime detection bureau of the Walana Police had raided the place on the 4th, police sources said.

The raid was carried out after taking a warrant from the Fort Magistrate. During the raid three Sri Lankan girls and two Uzbekistan girls were arrested while the politician and his businessmen friends were released by the police. The high class brothel that has been carried out for the past 20 years has received the patronage of every government and its ministers.

the Defence Secretary Gotabaya rajapaksa had ordered the Walana police crime detection bureau to raid the brothel. The person who runs the brothel is one Geena Madam and her son, Dinesh, operates karaoke bars as brothels.
Several prostitutes, Geena and her son Dinesh managed to escape during the raid. Police said they had launched a search for these persons and said it was only a matter of time before they too were arrested. Dinesh currently operates a karaoke club at the ground floor of Liberty Plaza called Cleopatra.


  1. Learn to capture the women Sri Lanka police???SAD to tell about the police department of Sri Lanka

  2. If the police did a good job how can a Women escape through the lift?? Do you Sri Lankans have chickens in the police??? Learn to capture WOMEN Sri Lankan police?? SAD isn't it??


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