Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mervyn Silva ready to teach 'white folks' ( Sudda's ) lessons ( Video )

Minister Mervyn Silva stated that he invites all the white folks ‘Suddo’ in the world to come to Sri Lanka and learn about the ‘Mahinda Chinthanaya’.

He says that he will educate all Englishmen from the highest officers to the lowest on Mahinda Chinthanaya and will advise them to follow it.

Attending the inauguration of the ‘Dr. Mervyn Silva Challenge Trophy, Bicycle Tour’ earlier today (December 03) he expressed that even though Britain is incapable of providing security to a leader of a country, if they come to Sri Lanka at any given time they would be able to complete all their affairs and return back safely.

He also stressed, if a certain individual has been disloyal to his country, then I approve of the incident which took place in the Parliament.

“I regret not being in Parliament at the time of the incident” Silva pointed out.

The Minister of Public Relations and Public Affairs advised all the country’s traitors to find a boat and immediately cast away from the country.

source : adaderana

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