Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ganga Addara Tele Drama Producer Sudharma Neththikumara Photos

Sudharma Neththikumara, is the producer of "Ganga Addara" Tele Drama and she is a Sri Lankan Woman Entrepreneur.
She is the founder of "Seasons Fashion Store"

 Ganga Adhdhara Tele Drama photos and videos


  1. there should be another part to the Ganga addara teledrama where the pair will end uptogether. since Nimali's death in the 2nd film is not obvious though she is hit by a lorry. perhaps she can be made to recover and finally bring about a happy ending to this story in this their rebirth.

  2. we hope you can do justice to the love story and the devoted couple by bringing about a happy ending in another installment. looking forward to seeing them beating all odds with the power of love


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